Thursday, December 31, 2009


Oh my, you have to go check out this giveaway! I really want to win because I am a total handmade junkie but you have got to go check this awesome giveaway out.
Just hop on over to Designs by Vanessa to get entered.

Anyone Get A Puppy For Christmas?

We became dog owners for the first time this year. We got our first puppy around Easter and he is a very sweet tri-color Cavalier. It took about 2 seconds to totally fall in love with him and then a couple months later we got a little blenheim girl Cavalier so that in a year or so we can have little puppies.

Our little boy is one that NEVER gets in trouble until one day we learned that he was marking his territory in the HOUSE. Oh my I was not happy and had to figure something out fast. I searched and searched the pet stores and all they had was diapers (very expensive I might add) that were like baby diapers with a hole. Now come on, anyone that has a dog knows a diaper like that is not going to work.

I found what is called belly bands on Etsy and they are WONDERFUL! Our little boy stopped doing the bad stuff soon after we found out but I prefer to be safe at night when I'm not watching him so he wears one of these every night to bed and he loves them.

Now it is almost time for our little girl to go into her first heat and I wanted to be prepared. I found this store on Etsy called Phatmolly's Boutique and she had just what I needed for our little girl. The shop owner is so good though because she emails you to make sure you order the right size (I would have ordered the wrong size).

I got mine in the mail and they fit perfect and now I feel prepared for when our little one goes into heat.
She also sells dog clothes so if you have a furry friend in your shop go check out her store by clicking here.
PS I will never potty train a dog again without using these!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Some of you know from my other blog that right before Christmas I couldn't find Jaxson slippers anywhere that fit him. At the very last minute I decided to try because that is where you find all things wonderful.

I found a shop and she said she is known as the slipper lady. I needed a slipper lady and fast but she didn't have his size. I contacted her and ask if she could make me some in his size and she said "yes" and sent me the fabric choices right away.

Within 12 hours of ordering the slippers she had them made and in the mail and they are PERFECT!

Jaxson loves his new slippers and they are so soft and great for our cold wood floors in our house.

She also sells some other cool things in her shop so go check out the slipper ladies store by clicking here.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Kodak Giveaway

Kodak is giving a $110 Visa Gift Card away! They are out to show you how much you can save with their printer so by checking out how much you can save you can get a chance to win the gift card.

We bought this printer and have never been happier with a printer. The ink is only like $10 and it last forever.

Click here and go check out the giveaway.

PS I need some followers!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tutu's For Olga

The very first special item I want to share about on this blog are some tutu's to raise money to bring this beautiful little girl home to her forever family.

This beautiful little girl has down syndrome and is waiting on the other side of the world for her mommy and daddy to come get her.

I know this is Christmas week and you should have most of your shopping done by now but they need to raise the money fast to bring home this precious child so I'm not waiting to post this.

Olga's new mommy makes these beautiful tutu's for their fundraiser. I have seen one of these up close and they are beautiful. She makes them adjustable by using ribbon so you just tie them in the back. She can also do any color or size you need.

Since you probably won't be buying this for Christmas I have some other ideas for you. How about ordering one for your special little princess for Valentines Day? This would also be a fun thing to buy to put in Samaritan's Purse shoeboxes for next year. If your like me I start filling my boxes now so that I can get several of them done for next Christmas.
I'm sure there are many things you could buy one of these for and it helps this beautiful little girl come home.
You can go check out their blog by clicking here. You can also order a tutu for $20 by emailing her at .
This is one of those double blessing gifts because you not only make a little girl very happy but you help bring a child home!


Welcome to my new blog! This addiction started with me winning one very cool giveaway and now I enjoy looking for great giveaways and better yet great handmade items.

I recently had a giveaway on my other blog to raise money for an orphan with down syndrome off of the site and I had so much fun that I thought I needed a blog just for this.

I will use this blog to share great Etsy stores, handmade items, giveaway finds and hopefully do some reviews and giveaways of my own.

I would love for you to become a follower and help me look for hidden treasure!