Thursday, December 31, 2009

Anyone Get A Puppy For Christmas?

We became dog owners for the first time this year. We got our first puppy around Easter and he is a very sweet tri-color Cavalier. It took about 2 seconds to totally fall in love with him and then a couple months later we got a little blenheim girl Cavalier so that in a year or so we can have little puppies.

Our little boy is one that NEVER gets in trouble until one day we learned that he was marking his territory in the HOUSE. Oh my I was not happy and had to figure something out fast. I searched and searched the pet stores and all they had was diapers (very expensive I might add) that were like baby diapers with a hole. Now come on, anyone that has a dog knows a diaper like that is not going to work.

I found what is called belly bands on Etsy and they are WONDERFUL! Our little boy stopped doing the bad stuff soon after we found out but I prefer to be safe at night when I'm not watching him so he wears one of these every night to bed and he loves them.

Now it is almost time for our little girl to go into her first heat and I wanted to be prepared. I found this store on Etsy called Phatmolly's Boutique and she had just what I needed for our little girl. The shop owner is so good though because she emails you to make sure you order the right size (I would have ordered the wrong size).

I got mine in the mail and they fit perfect and now I feel prepared for when our little one goes into heat.
She also sells dog clothes so if you have a furry friend in your shop go check out her store by clicking here.
PS I will never potty train a dog again without using these!

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