Monday, May 24, 2010

Pay-It-Forward Event start TODAY!!!

Several weeks ago I learned from a reader on my blog that some Etsy shops have Pay-It-Forward items that they sell at discounted prices so that you can do something nice for someone. I loved this idea and started looking around Etsy and found several shops that do this.

This week I want to encourage all my readers to do at least 1 Random Act Of Kindness for someone. Here are some simple ideas but you can Goggle search it if you need more ideas.

1. Go to a laundry mat and give someone a handful of quarters.

2. Bake Cookies and take them to your local police or fire station and thank them for what they do.

3. Do something special for a military family.

4. Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru

5. How about doing something special for your boss.

6. Go visit an elderly person

7. Support someone fundraising for an adoption.

This week I will be featuring some shops that carry Pay-It-Forward items. The fun part is I'm going to ask you that if you win one of the items featured from the Pay-It-Forward event that you would consider using it to do something nice for someone.

So would you help me spread the word by posting about this on your blogs, Facebook, Twitter or anything else and let's have a week of doing Random Acts of Kindness. Trust me.....IT IS SO MUCH FUN!!!

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